Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Hi there! Welcome to Re-Dcrypt. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions
Re-Dcrypt is a cryptic hunt. A hunt in which you would be provided with questions in any form (text/image/video/audio etc.). You are required to use the question & the hints to reach to a final answer.
Cryptic hunt is an online treasure hunt, in which you will be provided a question, maybe a few hint and you have to find the answer, you can expect yourself to look for clues all over the internet, using ciphers, extracting metadata or just figuring out the popculture reference.
Yes, and you would need it.
Maybe, only if your progress is still saved. To confirm, please contact me (DiluteWater) on the discord server.
Those are the users that are banned or their account are temporarily disabled. If you are one of them then please contact me(DiluteWater#3149) on Discord.
This hunt is organized by me (DiluteWater#3149). However the main site backend is not made by me.I have just editted the frontend. Its made by jee1mr for his and he was kind enough to allow me to use & edit his site for my hunt.
Unfortunately no. Since this hunt will run forever, there won't be any prizes.
The main format of the answer is all smallcase and no space. But you your convenience, it automatically converts it in small case and removes spaces. For eg. If the answer is Re-Dcrypt Hunt, then the answer format is redcrypthunt. However, for your convenience, the following answers are also acceptable:
  • redcrypt hunt
  • RedcryptHunt
  • Re-Dcrypt-Hunt
  • Etc.
The best way to contact me would be on Discord, however you can also contact me by email on [email protected] for official queries.

So what are you waiting for?

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